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FIMEM declaration and call for action – October 2021
The ecological emergency is a human and social emergency! In this sense, we can take up the words expressed by Chico Buarque in a UN-assembly where the internationalisation of the Amazonian forest was discussed: The real commitment today is to internationalise childhood in the world to defend it from exploitation, threats, abandonment, to remove it from poverty.
The task of the school is crucial. Freinet pedagogy is equipped with tools for forms of participation within the school and within its environment, together with local communities. They are naturally in favour of measures that build environmental sustainability and ecological restoration, thus transcending local boundaries.
Freinet schools are laboratories of democratic participation and community building with cooperative proposals and practices. And other schools can join us, because the issue must be defended in all schools and educational centres!
In our Freinet classes, by studying the environment, we build micro-projects with our students that result in small changes, certainly, but with the horizon of a sustainable future: appreciating the value of self-limiting and non-consumptive use of everyday resources, promoting actions and forms of relationships that are not individualistic, but rather those of solidarity, open and attentive to the Common Go.